“Play first.

Work if you have the time.„ ~ Donald Loosli

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The design of this site was completely inspired by Brighton, a lovely seaside town in the UK where I lived for 5 years.  At night I’d take walks along the promenade and Palace Pier, surrounded by old peeling Victorian Gothic architecture, dramatic black spiky street lights, squawking seagulls and all the colourful lights from the street. I’d take my glasses off while I walked so that the lights would all blur and scatter around me in a soft colourful haze.

This site was put together in less time than it should have taken, thanks to the wonderful free WordPress content management system, and the hard work of so many developers who have released free plugins that have allowed me to create the site of my dreams. Here is the list of free plugins and other code snippets I have used:

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“I have worked with Olivia on and off for nearly five years now. Olivia is fantastic to work with. She is quick and bright, and seems to always gets the brief spot on first time. Her designs are reliably usable, accessible and attractive – she is never over protective of them and understands clients’ needs. She is extremely fast and reliable, and will pull out all the stops if she knows I am in trouble with tight deadlines on a project!”

~ Kerry Wright, Account Director, Designate North

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Living in the Magic Forest

I’m a constantly travelling, apparently homeless freelance web designer, with no fixed destination. Take my hand and come with me as I travel the world discovering that everything is possible.
About me…

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  • Los Angeles, CA
    Just moved from Portland, OR. Plans to travel to South Africa and another country within the year… Maybe yours?


Are you bored with your job? A freelancer going through a dry work spell? A student looking for experience? Don’t let those amazing skills and muscles go to waste – keep ’em flexed. Volunteer! It’s fun and rewarding. Keep the good Karma flowing!


Live, Learn & Volunteer Overseas:

Top Notch Do Gooders

These organizations have such an outstanding track record for effectiveness and work with so much love I can’t resist donating or volunteering to further their causes:

When I want to investigate a charity’s effectiveness or donate completely anonymously, I use Charity Navigator.

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